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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Off to somewhere bello tomorrow! Can you guess where? A little stop-motion animation for you.


Monday, April 27, 2015

We have a special sale today - ends tonight at midnight! 30% off everything in store! 
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Wo Ai Beijing Spring.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Worked on this today because I'm missing my old home in Beijing. 
It was such a huge influence in my life, and there isn't a place I feel more comfortable or creative in. 
Spring also makes me think fondly of how lovely it is this time of year.

Acrylic and ink and brush on paper.

My Little Belleville S/S '15

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Little Belleville Spring/Summer 2015 is now officially launched!!!

The concept was simple. Fun, quirky, spring, fresh, lively, natural... all of what I try to capture within my products when I design them. Utilitarian above all; I want these to be items you actually wear. 

The blouse is a printed silk, the skirt, a soft rayon, and the collars, made from a lined cotton,
 made by Galina Licheva artist and owner of A Guide for Dreamers based in Bulgaria. 
We collaborated on those hand collars last fall, and decided to expand even more for spring.
 Galina is so talented, and I love designing with her. 
She always takes my designs a step further, and the execution is impeccable.

 The swimsuits are some of my favorites as well. They are lined and very flattering on all body types.. I've been so impressed by their cut. One-pieces can be so weird sometimes! These, however, have beautiful coverage, and are so comfortable. Maybe I'll wear mine all summer. Starting now? (Still to cold Londoners?) You can also wear the Des Fleurs swimsuit with the Des Fleurs SKIRT. Isn't that novel? Then with one swift switch, it can be swim-time. Perfect. 
And don't forget, all the rings shown here are hand-painted by moi, but the settings are made by the talented Malinda Fisher from Desert Rose Jewelry
You can see more in the shop.

This line was a process of inspirations- from the Hands of Humanity, to the Face Collars, to the Des Fleurs skirt. I designed all of the fabrics using acrylics, and brush and ink first, then had them printed onto fabric. I've been working with Print All Over Me, a print and manufacturing studio based in Shanghai, to help me produce my work, and it has been so fun to take my illustrations and see them in the form of CLOTHES.

The shoot took place in South Kensington in some lovely mews, with the most wonderful, colorful backdrops- I couldn't have asked for a better setting (and I know there are so many more in this city) Kami Weddick was my designated and incredibly fun and talented photographer, she captured Alex in such gorgeous, classic, and quirky ways. Helen McDonald was our makeup and hair- she works on sets of movies and TV shows all day long (including Downton Abbey) so she worked her own magic on this shoot.

A huge Thank You to my team and all of the people who have been working on this over the last few months. 
It's come together wonderfully.

Each item is custom-printed and custom made, so please allow 2-4 weeks for production when you place your order. Which, you can finally do.... 

Model: Alexandra

Spring Wanderlust

Monday, March 30, 2015

I love the idea of traveling “like a local”. Avoiding tourist hubs and blending in to seek out the everyday beauty of a location. It’s hard to accomplish and I always end up taking enough photos I’m sure the “true” locals cringe. But, the best way, I’ve found, is to acquire “honorary” local status by blending in with someone who truly knows the lay of the land. Luckily for me, I spent my recent trip to Bequia with my boyfriend, Max, doing just that. Max grew up spending a portion of the year taking in sun while the rest of the Northeast bundled up, wishing winter would disappear. This year marked his 28th trip down to Bequia and my 2nd.

We tried our best to wake with the sun and make the short walk down the hill for a morning swim in the clear blue ocean water. A breakfast of homemade yogurt, our neighbor’s honey, and the tastiest fresh fruit you can imagine didn’t hurt either. Daily adventures usually started by navigating the rickety old Jeep around the winding narrow roads and steep hills of the island; hoping we wouldn’t get ourselves into a situation that our lackluster stick-shift skills couldn’t get us out of. If we were lucky we’d take a trip to visit Max’s childhood French tutor, Claude Victorine, to play Dominos, drink strong rum (with spoonfuls of sugar), and tell stories late into the evening.

Max’s mum tells a story of three eccentric bathers who frequented our favorite beach: Mrs. Pough, Mrs. Yeorg, and Mr. Bubblington. It wasn’t their gossip or chatter that set them apart while they floated along in the warm sea. But rather, their brightly colored floral swim caps and the way their toes always poked straight out of the ocean while they floated on their backs, without a care in the world, certainly did stand out.

My Little Belleville’s soon-to-be-launched S/S’15 line can give us all the chance to let out our inner “Mrs. Pough.” The whimsical patterns, lively colors, and dainty details are all aspects I know Mrs. Pough would dote, all while her toes afloat.

Check back in this Wednesday, April 1st, for the launch of the new line! Eee! 


The Swimsuit and Skirt pattern designed by Michelle Christensen, manufactured by Print All Over Me.

S/S'15 Photographer: Kami Weddick // Make-Up Artist: Helen McDonald // Model: Alexandra Smith


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Had these in my hot chocolate today. I love the name... CAKE ANGELS!!! Had to make it hair!! 

Belleville S/S '15

Saturday, March 14, 2015

We had our first S/S '15 line shoot yesterday! I CANNOT WAIT to show the photos!! I had a great team of creatives here in London, and it went beautifully. I'll post more soon! 
Just wanted to put up a little snippet.
 A snippet snippet snippet.


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