Launched! Georgie & Marie Lover's Eye Rings.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lover's Eye Rings have been around since the late 1700's. King George IV commissioned a miniature eye portrait to be done of his mistress Maria Fitzherbert, and wore it secretly behind his lapel. The trend seemed to take off. Eye portraits were painted by artists all over Europe, even entering the United States for some time. They weren't just painted for secret lovers- there were many that were painted of spouses, deceased children, or just as a remembrance of someone they loved. They were made into brooches, pins, pendants, rings, and small boxes.

Georgie & Marie eye and portrait rings are now available in my shop. I have collaborated with Malinda Fisher of Desert Rose Jewelry, who is hand-crafting all of the settings. They will be available in brass, silver, and gold. Each one of these are copies of old antique Georgian Eye rings, painted with oils and sealed with resin. I have also begun to do miniature portraits as well. If you are interested in a commissioned eye or miniature portrait, please click here.

Every single hand-crafted setting is unique, and you may now find them here in my shop. I'm incredibly grateful to have such a talented person as Malinda to work with! And these rings have been an idea I've been working towards for the past few months.

Jessica Peterson took these beautiful photos above. I have also been so lucky to have her as my friend and collaborative over the past few years. Her work is magic.

The logo was crafted from an old wood-block print of a lemon tree I saw at the Victoria & Albert Museum here in London. I then added faces to emphasize the rings and the people they represent. In the Middle Ages, the lemon tree symbolized adoration, commitment, fidelity, and romance. Lemons were a common component in love potions. If a woman dreams of lemons, it portends good luck in relationships.

And so with that, your ring can be any of those things. Even if it's a secret lover. Just choose wisely!

Rings: My Little Belleville
Photography: Jessica Peterson Photography
Dress: Maeberry Vintage
Ring Settings: Malinda Fisher of Desert Rose Jewelry

New! Jane & Ingrid Collar

Monday, October 13, 2014

The New Jane and Ingrid Collars are now in our shop

I approached Galina Licheva, a Bulgarian-based artist and photographer, about making these for My Little Belleville. She has beautiful work and created them just as I had imagined. Galina is the creator of A Guide For Dreamers- which is her blog, and her shop (see here) is full of beautiful hand-made collars, stuffed animals, and accessories. I approached her with these hand collar ideas and she made two designs for My Little Belleville and our AW 2014 collection.

What I love most about these collars are they act as a necklace and an extra little something on top of sweaters or dresses. They clasp at the front and are a bit of a unique illustrated accessory to add to your fall wardrobe.

They are now in the shop- but we only have a limited amount, 
so make sure to grab yours before they sell out!!

Bunny Foo Foo Sweatshirt

Saturday, October 11, 2014

When I was 8- years- old I had a little black bunny named Raven.
 She had this tooth that would grow out of the bottom of her mouth and 
it would get so long she couldn't eat so we had to clip it every few weeks. 
It was the weirdest thing. 
I loved that rabbit. She lived a long good life. 

It seems she is in every rabbit I draw. Hence the above pattern for this custom-made
 Bunny Foo Foo sweater

Renegade London!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Last year, after Renegade Chicago- I told Brandon I had a goal of being in the London Renegade Market. I applied the day we got here, not knowing if I would make it. It is very competitive to get into, especially here. So I waited and waited... and then last night I saw people posting they had gotten in and....

Lo! and Behold! My friends, I got above email. 
And I'm more than thrilled to announce we'll be part of the Holiday Market this year.
 Here you go:

London Renegade- November 22+23
Old Truman Brewery
81 Brick Lane
E1 6QL
London, UK

We'll see you there! 

Printed Face Sweatshirt

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I have been doing some textile design and been having a ball with it. This is a tribute to my love of drawing faces. I think I sometimes memorize people and subconsciously they come out in my natural sketches. Here are a grouping of faces that just appeared as part of the design.
This sweatshirt comes in white as well.

Pre-Order Today!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Plum Tree Monster can now be pre-ordered! 
Get yours before it is officially out on Halloween. 
Save $8 on the cover price by pre-ordering it here:

Here's a little bit on the premise: 

The Plum Tree Monster is secretive, stealthy, and a little bit scary. Rhyming prose and hand-drawn illustrations by author/illustrator Michelle Christensen based upon a recurring nightmare she had as a child. The end is a surprise, as is most of the story. So grab a friend, a flashlight, and hide somewhere safe while reading this unique and slightly darker, bedtime story... 


The Plum Tree Monster

Friday, October 3, 2014

My very first children's book will be out at the end of the month!! I've been published before, but just as an illustrator- and this is the first book I've actually written AND illustrated myself. It's a darker book- based on a recurring nightmare I had when I was a kid. I've been working on this story and idea for a few years and now it's a reality.

 I'm so excited to share more with you.
Pre-orders and signings will take place next week. So GET READY.

The weather here in London btw... couldn't be nicer. 
I think people were lying to us when they said London had bad weather. 
We're still waiting for it. I hope it never comes! 

We're also still waiting on moving into our new apartment. ONE MORE WEEK!! Meanwhile.. we'll continue going on amazing art tours and seeing all the free museums.
 This place is awesome.



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