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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oh Em Gee... I have been so busy. I wanted to post these photos to show you what you've missed in case you also have been super busy too and haven't been able to stop by. 
Here's what's up:

  • Went to LA to source fabric/manufacturers for a new endeavor with my dear Kiley from Wren&James... more details to come soon. It was a successful trip and we came back with a lot of funny stories and fabric (from places like MOOD) Also went to Malibu, where I've never been, nor had a desire to go, but it was pretty nice and I love the beach as long as there is sand and sun and waves. 
  • I've got new items going up on Nylon Shop-- so those will be posted this coming FRIDAY (see here!)
  • I've been doing commissions and portraits as per usual (you can get one too here)
  • I've been making mock-drawer knobs (see above Chinese faces)
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Life is very unexpected isn't it? That's been playing over and over in my head for weeks. 

Ta ta for now.


  1. The space is spectacular and this venue is just what we needed for our event. It is the best place to have an event and we had an awesome experience here. The staff at venues in NYC is excellent; they are so attentive to all of your needs.



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