Nicole Kidman + Photograph 51

Monday, November 23, 2015

A few weekends ago we went to watch Nicole Kidman in the play Photograph 51 here in London's West End. This play is about Rosalind Franklin, the first woman who discovered DNA and was unaccredited due to specific circumstances. I stood in line for 4 hours from 6:30AM to get tickets for that day, which I know sounds ridiculous, but the tickets were scarce, and I wanted to see it so much! We succeeded, and tickets were had. That evening, we had second row seats, and it was absolutely stunning watching Nicole Kidman, who played Rosalind spectacularly. I wasn't familiar with the story in such depth, and I loved the portrayal of her. It broke my heart!

After the show, we went outside to the back-stage door to wait for the actors and actress (NK) to come out. I had drawn this illustration for Nicole and hoped to give it to her. But as I waited, I felt silly, and thought I might just get her autograph and not give it to her. But then she appeared, and Brandon told me to just hand it to her, and I did as she came along the line signing. She stopped at the drawing and was about to sign it and then did a double take and looked up. I said, "This is for you!" and she looked surprised and smiled as she took it and said a very gracious, "Thank you!"
I had written her a little note to her in it too, just telling her I loved her movies growing up.
You know, being a typical FAN. 
But I love that she now has one of my drawings!
If you had a chance to see this play, what did you think of it?


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