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Sunday, November 1, 2015

I couldn't help but do those hands every time I posed...
 I became the cat with that mask on, (and everything was a threat!). 
 Meow meow meow!

Our shoot was near my home in an old cemetery at St. Nicholas's church. (William Hogarth is buried there actually..) we trundled around there for a bit and then head over to Chiswick House. 
Couldn't help but pose with our fellow species, the lion. I painted the dead mouse face onto the pumpkin, and yes, our collaboration for the Leaf People Dress, is here again, making another fall appearance.
 Even on a cat, it's an adorable dress.

Halloween here in London is slowly picking up more and more. This year we saw even more people dressed up, and I'm so glad. I love Halloween. I spent the day and evening with my husband on a day trip to Rochester Castle, and at a friend's beautiful concert at Canterbury Cathedral. I'll post pictures of that at some point, but for now, enjoy these.
Thank You to my beautiful and wonderful Kami Weddick for photos and Kate, 
my side-kick kitty-friend--
Both of whom, are always up for the weird and wonderful.

Photos: Kami Weddick Photography
Models: Myself + Kate
Dress: Rose. B. Brown


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