Far From the Madding Crowd

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I spent the evening here at Hampstead Heath Ponds. It's amazing how a little simple pool of water can bring such smiles to everyone's faces-- mine included. London was so hot today- the hottest day so far of the year. I was a little testy as we waited for the overground in the sun, and trudged our way here. We entered Hampstead Heath, and people lounged around lazily, a little like my cat was doing all day in our non-a/c apartment. The moment I jumped into these ponds, I felt so much relief from the heat and the utter joy on everyone else's faces made me realize then, that living here has made me appreciate even the smallest luxuries. Whether it be a pond, where ducks poop and swim around, ice cubes from my tiny tiny fridge, strawberry gummy candies from a 24 hour convenience store, or a rare sweet smile from the woman across from me on the tube.

It's been a very good day after all.


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