Strawberry Spring Photoshoot

Friday, April 18, 2014

During my time in Paris, I was constantly inspired by my environment. On the last few days there, I came across a bike leaning against the side of the road, on it's way from a delivery- a crate on the back of it with the words Elle et Lui and a pair of strawberries underneath it. I stored that image away for a rainy day and decided to paint it on my first pair of flats here. I have also said in previous posts how I always keep a look out for a nicely shaped ballet flat. Pairing both this design with the help of adorable shoes is such a delight. Thankfully you too can have a pair of these black ballet ankle flats pictured above. Click here for more sizes and photos. The vintage bag pictured is a commissioned portrait of a client's grandmother that I did for her.

I loved how these photos evoke those feelings of early spring. That day the weather felt like the ocean when it comes in waves of cold and warm. I hope the weather makes up its mind one way or the other, but oh how I love the sun, how I adore a new pair of shoes, and how I cherish my memories of France.

Photography: Jessica Peterson
Model: Elyse
Shoes & Bag: My Little Belleville


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